Montessori Environments

Children want to learn because it is fun and rewarding

Montessori Environments

Children thrive on the sense of accomplishment after mastering a skill that gives them another step towards independence.

This internal reward is also known as intrinsic motivation. In a Montessori environment, there is a focus on care of self, care of others, and care of the environment. These focus areas include concepts like dressing, waiting, and restoring the work when they are finished.

Children must not accomplish tasks for an external reward or praise, but for the self-satisfaction of completing something they set out to do. Learning to care for one's self and an understanding of the classroom routines also are contingent on each other. We have consistent routines in the classroom; for example, we always wash our hands after we sit on the toilet. When a child washes their hands without being asked as part of the routine, it demonstrates an understanding of logical sequencing and independence.

We strive for children to participate in a flourishing interactive community that fosters a love of learning, mutual respect, and a sense of responsibility for their role in that community.