The Innovative School proudly partners with The Simply Fresh Kitchen to provide local and organic snacks and lunches. The school offers morning and afternoon snack which includes a fruit or vegetable serving, grain, and water.

If packing a lunch is difficult for your family, you may sign-up for the lunch program with The Simply Fresh Kitchen. The food is prepared daily from scratch and is a combination of organic, healthy, locally-sourced, and fresh ingredients. Each entrée is served with fresh organic fruit and vegetables. 

Pack a Child's Lunch Montessori Style

A Montessori-style bag lunch creates opportunities for children to apply some of the functional skills they've experienced in the classroom at mealtime. Practical Life activities include opening and closing, matching, unfolding and folding, transferring with a spoon or tongs, spreading, cutting, and cleaning up.


Prepare lunches the evening before, with your children if at all possible. Giving children a chance to contribute respects their food preferences and suits their eagerness to participate in family life. Provide a variety of single foods rather than an adult-sized sandwich and an entire piece of fruit. The same sandwich ingredients in individual containers are more likely to be eaten. Consider portion size - few young children can manage a whole apple in one sitting. 


Each child who eats lunch at school needs to bring a cloth placemat and cloth napkin. Please use reusable containers instead of plastic bags. Send flatware (forks or spoons) if your child is going to need them. Uneaten food is sent back home to encourage discussion about the enjoyment of the food and the possibility of repeats or not. Empty calorie foods such as chips and soft drinks such as Capri-Sun, Hi-C, Kool-Aid, etc., are not acceptable at school and will stay in the lunch box for the student to take home for a snack.


Small, separate portions let children combine foods in different ways. For example, a few crackers, a dab of peanut butter, a few cheese slices, and a few apple slices offer children several tasty combinations from which to choose at mealtime.


Children love simple dips such as cottage cheese and plain yogurt for their veggies and soft spreads. Peanut butter, egg salad, tuna salad, and cream cheese are easy spreads.


Healthy foods are a hallmark of Montessori philosophy. Dr. Montessori was one of the first educators to recognize the connection between nutrition and the developing brain. Lunches should be self-contained and ready to eat so children do not need teacher assistance. Please be mindful that we do not have microwaves in the classrooms and are unable to heat packed lunches. Please send warmed items in a thermos or insulated containers.


The Innovative Lunch Date

Children who have achieved drop off, pick up and lunch-independence may invite their parent for lunch. Parents may make a "lunch date" with their child. Please make arrangements with teachers ahead of time, so we can arrange a place for you and your child. We like to have one parent at a time.* For that date please bring a sack lunch (no junk food or sodas), and join us for lunch at 12:00 p.m.