About Innovative

Since its founding in 1996, The Innovative School has grown in the past decade into a warm, loving community of students, families, and teachers committed to offering children an international world-class Montessori education.

Today, The Innovative School has an enrollment of students ranging from age 18 months through six years old. Our student and faculty body represents more than ten different countries, and nearly every ethnic group. We do not discriminate by religious beliefs, marital status, race, color, gender, disability,  nationality, or ethnic origin when considering new applications or in daily life at school. This website is intended to give you a preliminary sense of who we are as a school and family.

Our Mission

The Innovative School is a passionate community of educators and families adhering to Dr. Maria Montessori's methodology and philosophy. We strive to provide an authentic experience in a beautifully prepared environment for children to develop a love of learning and to achieve their fullest potential.

The faculty and staff deeply believe in human potential. We treat even our youngest child with respect as a whole individual. Our essential goal is to instill the love of learning in all our children and have each child reach their full potential.

Razia Shivji, Founder