Kindergarten Year

The Innovative School's students experience skill development in very concrete ways. Repetition with Montessori materials and lessons help the hand teach the mind and learning first in this physical way helps make essential connections in the brain. At the Kindergarten level, the concrete lessons are repeated in new ways, each time moving further toward abstract concepts.  


Our teachers strive to meet Kindergarteners right where they are, in every curricular area, giving lessons and guidance according to their individual’s needs.  Our classrooms are structured to include many individuals, and small group lessons and formative assessment is done continuously throughout the learning process. 

Kindergarten, the culminating year of the early childhood program cycle, provides an extraordinary opportunity for 5 and 6-year-olds to develop their leadership skills. Kindergarteners act as positive peer models for their younger classmates, assuming positions of responsibility that further strengthen their capabilities and self-esteem. 

Everything that children have learned in previous years comes together in Kindergarten, giving children a readiness to meet new challenges.

Observing our Kindergartners is one of the best ways to understand how a Montessori classroom works – visit our school and you will be amazed at what you see!