Family Involvement

We enroll families

Parent, teacher, child, and school relationships are critical in a student's life. An alliance based on mutual respect and support will enhance all individuals' understanding, knowledge, and insight and offer a cohesive, prepared learning environment.

Support your school by:

Being involved, volunteer

Being informed, attending conferences and meetings

Being knowledgeable, attending Parent Education meetings

Contributing your knowledge

Involved parents support their Montessori school by contributing their time and talents. Our school offers different programs and projects for parents to volunteer their time, energy, and resources.


Informed parents communicate with us by attending planned conferences and other parent activities, reading newsletters and e-mails, and asking questions. Ask our director or your child's teacher for the best time and method to communicate informally — to share insights, questions, and observations.


Parents support our school's policies and procedures and attend Parent Education Meetings, as well as read articles and books about Montessori education.


And most importantly, parents are welcome to be part of our school community. Montessori is a philosophy of life not merely an academic educational methodology. Innovative does not only enroll children, but we enroll families.